Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Life In Holidays - The Girl From Carolina Christmas Spectacular

New York is fine but I love going home.  "But Breanna," you must be wondering. "How on God's green earth do you sustain yourself artistically in SC?  Don't you miss devising environmental theater pieces, going on fruitless auditions, and toiling away in a nonprofit theater office?  Don't you pine for the world of 'collaboration' and 'stipends?'"

NO.  At home I replace all that with a heightened sodium intake and Well Dang! Productions.

Alex Wroten and Joe Worthen first asked me to be in a movie of theirs when I was in 9th grade and they were in 10th.  This 2.5 hour feature was called Tapeworm and it was real weird.  I think they recruited me because I was the only girl they knew. Which was cool.  Years later Well Dang's aesthetic maintains its weirdness but thankfully those guys streamlined their writing, and now everything they make is awesome.

Like the two films we shot in December, 2011 as the city of Greenville grounded us all within two miles of each other over the holidays.  The first was Judy Truly, the sequel to 2010's Peter Bear.  I played the title role.  Judy has the charisma of a snail and the detective skills of an infant, and also shares the same name as my great aunt.  

The second was The Girl From Carolina.  Alex pitched the script to me as a "redneck film noir" but he needn't have gone further than "redneck."  I was all in.  I played the film's heroine Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor, a strong, passionate, driven young woman.  And I looked GREAT.  Between Mom and Jaci's wardrobes, the TR Wal-Mart, and me, my costume blossomed into a stunning medley of daisy dukes, bra straps, a Jesus necklace, and a Bump It.  Every morning before I left to film, Mama would take my picture and exclaim, "You look so BEAUTIFUL!"

Even though it was stupid fucking cold outside, filming was fun because I got to relive some Greenville glory days.  Hanging out at the Handlebar, strutting up and down Poinsett Highway, fist fighting with Prentiss in Gateway Park.  Watch the trailer; if you're anything like my family you'll think it's the best thing you've ever seen.

I spent the remainder of "Christmas break" running into people from middle school and navigating Greenville's new (to me) bar scene, usually at the same time.  I will tell you, the only thing more ridiculous than a gaggle of bike loving hipsters in a bar in Brooklyn is an identical gaggle in Greenville, SC.  At least the drinks are cheaper.  As always, I can't wait to get back.