Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I Hate

My dear sweet fourth grade teacher greeted us, her class of little angels, every morning with a fun and interesting journal topic for us to respond to in the three ring binders she personalized for us with paint pens. Although I usually chose to ignore the prompts and make up my own (usually resulting in acrostic poems of my name), this one was too good to pass up:

"A pet peeve is a little something that annoys you, like faculty meetings, snotty noses, or when misbehaving kids sit at the teacher's table in the cafeteria. What are some of YOUR pet peeves?"

I responded with a list of all the boys in my class. Except Sam, of course. Now, however, I've decided to readdress this prompt from a broader, more adult perspective. THINGS I HATE:

potato salad
email forwards*
the utilization of FAKE LARGE WORDS
detox products
Pat Robertson
the smell of Bath & Body Works

Given my penchant for comprehensive list making, you can look forward to these gripping pieces of work on Hungry Lion in the future, for your blog reading pleasure: my favorite childhood books, funny acapella group names, famous people I've seen, my favorite kitchen gadgets (with commentary), fun things to do when stuck at an airport, winning screen names, theme party ideas, and notable illnesses of my childhood!

*With the exception of that really useful one about how to unstick a zipper with a bar of soap. And the one informing me I'm a genius because I can raed wrdos lkie tihs, and the one with those amazing 3D chalk murals.

**These gauchos, not these gauchos.


  1. So...if you hate gauchos, this means you hated 75% of Liza Bennett's wardrobe Senior year of high school.

    That girl lived in gaucho pants.

    Also, I can't wait til I have this much free time. I'm enjoying reading this thoroughly.

  2. haha! I texted Brea last night and asked if she hated me because of my grouchos in highschool. hehe.

  3. I wholeheartedly second Prentiss's comment. About Liza and about free time and about liking your blog

  4. I remember those entries in our decorated journals in Mrs. Clark's class. I hated ALL of the boys in our class, including Sam. I also remember being commissioned to write a note for Sam so he wouldn't recognize your handwriting, reading "SAM, DO YOU LIKE BREA? CHECK YES/NO/MAYBE," which the teacher subsequently found and made a big fuss about. I also remember a certain necklace of homemade "clay" beads. And the play we wrote. What a year.